The Bodhisatta and his son lived in a hermitage. One evening when the Bodhisatta came back with fruits to the hermitage, he found that his son had neither brought in food and wood nor lit the fire. When questioned by his father, he answered that during the latter's absence a woman had tempted him, and was waiting outside for him to go with her, if he could obtain his father's consent. The Bodhisatta, seeing that his son was greatly enamoured of the woman, gave his consent, adding that if ever he wished to come back he would be welcome. The young man went away with the woman, but after some time, realising that he had to slave to satisfy her needs, he ran away from her and returned to his father (J.i.416-7).


For the circumstances relating to the telling of the story, see the Culla-Nārada-Kassapa Jātaka.

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