Appendix 5
Appendix to Chapter 11

     The different cittas accompanied by piti:

    Four types of lobha-mula-citta are accompanied by piti, namely the types which are accompanied by somanassa. Two types of ahetuka citta are accompanied by piti, the santirana-citta which is kusala vipaka and which investigates an extraordinarily pleasant object and the hasituppada-citta, the smile-producing ahetuka-kiriyacitta of the arahat. Moreover, piti accompanies four types of mana-kusala cittas, four types of maha-vipakacittas and four types of maha-kiriyacittas, thus, twelve types of kammavacara sobhana cittas. As regards jhanacittas, piti accompanies the rupavacara kusala cittas, the rupavacara vipakacittas and the rupavacara kiriyacittas of the first three stages of jhana ( of the five-fold system), thus, nine types of rupavacara cittas. When lokuttara jhanacittas, lokuttara cittas accompanied by jhana-factors of the different stages of jhana, are taken into account, lokuttara citta are classified as forty. Since piti does not arise in the fourth and fifth stage of jhana, only the lokuttara cittas arising with jhana factors of three stages of jhana are accompanied by piti. Thus, twenty-four types of lokuttara cittas in all (three times eight) are accompanied by piti.

     If we count cittas as hundred-and-twentyone (including forty lokuttara cittas), the cittas accompanied by piti are summarized as follows:

4 akusala cittas
2 ahetuka cittas
12 kamavacara sobhana cittas
9 rupavacara cittas
24 lokuttata cittas
-altogether : 51 cittas