1. Adhimutta.-A Brahmin of Sāvatthi. Dissatisfied with Brahmin learning, he looked for salvation elsewhere, and hearing the Buddha preach at the presentation of Jetavana, entered the Order, becoming an arahant in due course (ThagA.i.224). A verse addressed by him to some corpulent monks is found in the Theragāthā (v.114).

In Padumuttara's time he was a learned Brahmin and became an ascetic. Later he met the Buddha, offered him a bark-robe and uttered his praises in song. He is probably identical with Sabbakittika of the Apadāna (i.323-4).


2. Adhimutta.-See Atimuttaka (2).


Adhimutti Sutta.-Preached to Ananda on the ten powers of a Tathāgata. A.v.36f.

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