1. Accuta.-A treasurer who, in Kakusandha's time, built a sanghā-rāma of golden bricks on the spot where, later, Anāthapindika built the Jetavanārāma (J.i.94; ApA.i.82). He was the chief lay disciple of Kakusandha and was a Mahāsāla-setthi. DA.ii.424; see also Bv.xxiii.22.


2. Accuta.-A Pacceka Buddha, mentioned in a list of Pacceka Buddhas. M.iii.70; ApA.i.106-7.


3. Accuta.-A hermit, black-toothed and with matted hair, who lived in the Vanka forest near Vankagiri. He directed Jūjaka to Vessantara's dwelling in the forest (J.vi.532). He was a previous incarnation of Sāriputta (J.vi.593).

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