A compendium of the Abhidhamma written by Anuruddha, incumbent of the Mūlasoma Vihāra (For details see P.L.C. 168-72). A tīkā called the Porāna Tīkā exists, written by Navavimalabuddhi of Ceylon (Compendium of Philosophy, Preface ix).


Other explanatory works on the Abhidhammattha-sangaha are those by Sumangala and Chappata, the Sīhalavyākhyāna by Candagomi, the Anutīkā by Vepullabuddhi, two Navānutīkā, one by Ariyavamsa and the second by an unknown author, and a Vivarana. See Sas.69. 71; Svd.1202, 1223; Gv. 64, 65, 75.


According to Gv.(p.71) the work was written at the request of an upāsaka named Nambha (Nampa).

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